Girouard Mandolins 

We have over 20 years experience doing setups and repairs on all fretted instruments.  We work on all makes and models and do everything from simple re-stringing to complex instrument restorations and rebuilds.  See below for pricing info on our most common jobs.

Girouard Mandolins
Glocester, Rhode Island


Setup:  $150  Remove old strings, polishing frets, oiling fretboard, general cleaning of instrument, lubricating tuners, spot fret leveling as necessary,  installing new strings, adjusting bridge position for intonation, adjusting saddle height for preferred action, correcting slots on saddle and nut if necessary, filing down nut if strings slots are too deep, rounding sharp edges on nut or saddle and truss rod adjustments for proper relief.
     Fret dressing: $50  Leveling of frets, re crowning and polishing.
     Bridge fitting:  $50  Ensures full contact on bridge foot mating surface to top plate.
     New bone nut:  $65  Remove old nut, clean any glue out of slot, shape and install new nut, cut string slots.
     New pearl nut:  $100  Remove old nut, clean any glue out of slot, shape and install new nut, cut string slots.

Fingerboard Scoop:  $150  Remove strings, remove desired amount of frets, plane down for sufficient clearance while picking, install new strings.

Fingerboard scoop with false frets: $200.  Remove strings, remove desired frets, inlay flat silver wire, sand flush and install new strings.

New bridge installation: $100 plus cost of bridge.  Remove old strings, contour bridge foot to make perfect contact with the instrument top, adjust saddle height for preferred action, install new strings, make any adjustments to saddle slots.

Pickguard installation: $100 plus price of pickguard.  

K&K Twin Internal Pickup Installation:  $200, remove old strings, remove tailpiece, drill 0.5 inch hole in end block, ream tailpiece opening to accept internal jack, internally mount the system, reinstall tailpiece, install new strings, test pickup.

Plane and refret:  $400* Remove old strings, remove nut, remove old frets, loosen truss rod, plane fretboard flat, install new frets (EVO or Nickel), level crown and polish frets, modify nut to accommodate new fret heights (bone shim if too low, material removal if too high, adjust bridge saddle for preferred action, install new strings.  
    Add radius to flat fretboard : $65
    Stainless frets:  $100

    * Vintage instruments that have original narrow tang slots (old Gibson mandolins for example) need to be widened to             accept modern fret wire which is $100 additional

    * Any instrument that has had the frets epoxied in is $100 additional to remove old adhesive and re-glue with epoxy

Strap button install:  $20 plus cost of button

Speed neck treatment:  $150  Includes stripping finish off neck, rubbing amber dye into wood and sealing with oil.