Girouard Mandolins 

Come visit us at the 2019  Mandolin Camp North April 2019!  We have a few new mandolins for sale and a few octaves to demo.

In the works is an A bodied mandocello pictured above with a mandolin top plate placed on to for size reference.  Also pictured is our next batch of mandolins that we have in progress. 

In  early 2017, we introduced our version of a Lyon and Healy inspired mandolin.  The response to these was overwhelming and we built a few throughout the year.  We have some in the works for early 2018 and will be showcasing one for sale at this years March Mandolin Festival.  

In 2016 we introduced the Girouard 10 stringed fanned fret mandola and we have continued to build them for custom orders through 2017.. The fanned fretboard  was designed to adjust the scales for optimum string tension where as otherwise the low course would be too floppy or the high course would be too tight.   

Girouard Mandolins and Mandolin Family Instruments​

Glocester, Rhode Island